CHEMTECH – South World Expo 2017

Telangana has traditionally been the bulk drugs capital of the country with almost 1/3 of the total production in value terms. And its capital city Hyderabad accounts fo r almost 20 per cent of pharma expor ts from India. A big pharma industry base as well as the necessary manpower and associated ecosystem already exist in the capital city, Hyderabad. Many Indian and global biopharma and research companies have evinced interest to establish their operations in Hyderabad, making the city a hub for the Biopharma Industry. Till a decade ago, biopharmaceutical in India was considered as a relatively modest industry. Recognizing the evolving leader status of Hyderabad in the sector and the importance of the historic changes occurring and the potential opportunities that are emerging in this sector, CHEMTECH is organizing one day conference on biopharmaceuticals concurrently during Chemtech Hyderabad Expo 2017, to catalyze this stupendous growth.

This event will be the one stop destination for all pharma related companies to get together and network with the latest trends, technologies and innovation in the industry.